Want to get the most out of your experience at University, but also want to take a break from the books? If so, joining Team UC and being part of the various sports programs is the option for you!

UC Sport has a range of representative and other sporting opportunities that current students can get involved in. These opportunities range from the ultra competitive at the UniSport Nationals to the more social events including Introduction to AFL.

UC Sport’s representative sport includes the UniSport Nationals endorsed events:

Outside of the UniSport Nationals events, UC Sport also participates in a range of Intervarsity events with local institutions and universities from the eastern part of Australia. These competitions require less commitment than their Nationals counter parts, but still offers students the chance to pull on the UC uniform. These Intervarsity events are often held on campus, or will involve a short stay at some campuses in NSW.

On campus, UC also has a range of social sporting opportunities, and sport short courses for students to get involved in. Each Semester, the team at UC Sport will put on a number of events for students to get involved in. These might include one day tournaments, individual events or short courses.

Entering these events will give you the opportunity to win prizes and connect with your peers on campus.

If you are interested in being involved in some of the Representative sport options in 2021, click through to our 2021 Intervarsity Guide for more information.