Following the postponement of Intervarsity in March, UC Sport was excited to welcome back representative sport last week. The onset of the Coronavirus pandemic and the subsequent restrictions forced the postponement of the annual event. Although disappointing, the postponement was a blessing in disguise as the delay meant UC and ANU were able to welcome ACU to the competition for the first InTRIvarsity event contested between the institutions.

The three universities competed in women’s netball and mixed touch to see who would take out the inaugural InTRIvarsity Shield. UC came away victorious, going through the day undefeated.

Although they had a tough day, ACU were fantastic opponents, bringing a positive and optimistic attitude to each any every game.

Netball Touch
UC (54) v. ACU (5) UC (17) v. ACU (1)
ANU (44) v. ACU (11) ANU (13) v. ACU (0)
UC (26) v. ANU (24) UC (9) v. ANU (0)


Following their success on Thursday, Team UC continued their strong form on the Friday, taking out the table tennis competition for the first time in Intervarsity history. UC claimed the Intervarsity competition 8 games to 4, with the all members of the team competing well. Following their strong form in the women’s netball, UC entered the mixed netball game with high hopes of getting a win. With the scores locked up at the end of each of the first three quarters, it was all going to come down to the fourth quarter. Unfortunately, ANU proved too strong, taking the game 37 – 34 in the first mixed netball event to be contested at Intervarsity.

Netball Table Tennis
UC (34) v. ANU (37) UC (8) v. ACNU (4)

Intervarsity will continue the 8th and 9th of October at ANU with volleyball, ultimate, basketball, badminton, futsal, and football taking to the field.

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