UniSport Australia has partnered with the Australian Esports League (AEL) to create the UAEC

In 2020, the UAEC will be held online from the 27th of July to the 10th of September and will be contested in competitions across four esports;

– FIFA 20 (Playstation 4)
– Rocket League (PC, Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch)
– Super Smash Bros. Ultimate (Nintendo Switch)
– Forza Motorsport 7 (PC and Xbox One)

Each team will be awarded points at the conclusion of each round, with the team with the highest cumulative points at the end of the series being declared the winner. This new Championship series is a fantastic opportunity for students to compete against eSports athletes from around the country in a university focussed and endorsed competition. In a time where face-to-face sport is unattainable, this competition still provides students the opportunity to connect with their peers from both their home institution and institutions around the country.

UC Sport is currently looking for students to join the teams representing the University at the upcoming competition. UC Sport is looking to enter at least one team in each eSport, with 3 – 4 players making up a team.

If you are interested in representing UC at the Championships, complete the EOI form here.

Expressions of interest will close on the 13th of July, with UC selection tournaments held on Wednesday the 15th of July. Successful competitors will need to register by Wednesday the 22nd of July.