The pressures associated with being an elite sportsperson while studying and working have the potential to impact on performance, in the pursuit of sporting excellence and academic achievements.


The University of Canberra, regarded as one of Australia’s leading sports universities, has over 130 students identified under the National Elite Athlete program, which allows for a greater understanding of the needs of elite sportspeople who are studying.


It can be a struggle for many students to reach their potential if there is pressure to raise funds to train and compete while completing a degree. Many have part-time employment to ease the financial burden.


University of Canberra acknowledges the added pressure on elite athletes who are studying. In response, ten UC students have been awarded sporting scholarships from the Eldon and Anne Foote charitable trust. This Trust was established in honour of late philanthropist and businessman Eldon Foote who was passionate about sport.


The 10 UC students, identified as national elite athletes, have been awarded scholarships worth $10,000 each. The scholarships will help these students balance both their athletic career and tertiary education.


The 10 recipients are:

  • Diandra Martin, Muay Thai (Thai boxing)
  • Rachel Crothers, Rugby Union player
  • Storm Sanders, tennis
  • Mitchell Maguire, AFL player
  • James Nipperess, Runner
  • Josh Katz, Judo
  • Thomas Robertson, Raiders player
  • Penny Slater, Triathlete
  • Thomas Ashmore, shooting
  • Harry Glackin , Rower.


In order to receive the scholarships the athletes had to satisfy a number of requirements around their study and sports ability, and they also need to engage in community service.