After a year consisting of 20 races all over the world, Penny Slater has received a prestigious nomination for the CBR Athlete of The Year in Women’s Sport.


Slater is a 22-year-old off-road triathlete who is currently undertaking a degree in education at the University of Canberra.


Off-road triathlon consists of a 1.5km open water swim, a 30km mountain bike ride over varying terrain and a 10km trail run.


Slater said it is an honour to be nominated and hopes that the awards opens doors for herself and her sport.


“The calibre of athletes that have been nominated… it’s pretty cool to be considered in the same league as them. It’s awesome,” said Slater.


Due to a lack of sponsorship, Slater has had to fork out around $20-thousand while juggling studying with a full-time job and one day a week as a teacher’s aide.


“That’s just what comes with the nature of the sport as you’re still establishing yourself. Obviously, funding can’t go to every professional triathlete in Australia and I understand that. Going out on your own, that’s the risk you take, but I love it.”



Slater hopes the CBR Sports Award will bring awareness to the less traditional off-road triathlon as a source for sponsorship.


“Within the ACT, getting local sponsors on board will be fantastic because I spend a lot of the year training at home and I love Canberra,” said Slater.


In the meantime, Slater is supported by the University of Canberra and is given access to the on-campus gym and heat chamber, while also being involved in the Elite Athlete Program which accommodates her sporting commitments with her degree.


The CBR Sports Awards will be held on Friday November 30 when Slater will find out the outcome of her nomination. She is up against Laura Peel (Snowsports) and Chloe Hosking (Cycling).