The UC Athletics Academy operates to assist athletes to further their skills, improve techniques, motivations and knowledge in the sport of athletics. Athletics is a foundation sport and at the Academy we recognise this and provide coaches who tailor their programs based on what outcomes and goals are desired to improve your fitness and skills.


The Academy is an athletics development pathway designed for young athletes, to progressively move through the sport of athletics. The pathway will provide opportunities for them to:


  • Gain skills in line with their skill level and maturation;
  • Move easily from one stage of involvement to another;
  • Be motivated and have fun whilst developing their skills and interests;
  • Inspire them to stay involved in the sport of athletics, for life; and
  • Provide athletes with ongoing support throughout the off-season.


Term 4 starts on 15th October and runs for 10 weeks – all sessions begin at 5:00pm. The Session Plan follows:

• Mondays – Strength & Conditioning sessions at UC Fitness Centre (Building 29)

• Tuesdays – Bronze sessions at UC Ginninderra Athletics Field; Silver, Gold and Platinum sessions at the AIS or Ginninderra Ovals

• Wednesdays – Theory and Recovery sessions at UC Fitness Centre (Building 29)

• Thursdays – Gold sessions at the AIS

• Fridays – Strength & Conditioning sessions at UC Fitness Centre (Building 29).

Note: due to venue or coach availability some sessions may change location/time.

If you are interested in developing your skills, working on your techniques for your chosen sport or wanting to improve your fitness, visit our website at or pop along to one of our sessions outlined above to find out more information.