A large contingent of Canberra cricket coaches descended upon Southern Cross Club on Monday night for the second in a series of coach development programs aiming to raise the skills of officials in the ACT.


Carrie Graf, head of UC Sport as well as former UC Capitals and Opals coach, was one of three speakers at the event who took the stage, describing the importance of always learning in a dynamic sporting environment.


“I think it’s something I was always fortunate to have, that is, the ablity to go to coaching workshops,” Graf said.


“I think certainly for veteran coaches, grassroots coaches, everyone gets insight from other’s learning.


“To be able to give back to other sports, is a plus.”


Graf was passionate about the fact that sports should be doing as much as possible to learn from each other.


“Looking at what other sports are doing was critical to my coaching growth,” Graf said.

“During the week watching the Brumbies practice… spending time with the Sydney Swans… “


“I think cross-pollenation between sports, from a coaching perspective, can be really valuable, it offers different insights and certainly in terms of building culture, behaviours and leadership concepts, they’re not sports specific, they’re over-arching across all sports.”


For more information about future seminars., visit the cricket ACT website